5 Relocation Tips When Moving Away From A Military Installation

The military does a good job of ensuring service members have access to the services they need. So, moving from one military installation to the next often comes with fewer stressors. However, for assignments like recruiting duty or reserve training, the comfort of a nearby military installation is not always granted. With these moves, proper relocation planning is especially important. 

1. Review BAH Rates

When you reside on a military installation, the cost to lease a home is preset to match the amount of your basic allowance for housing or BAH. However, when staying on base is not an option, you will have to pay whatever fee the property owner charges. To ensure you stay within your budget, look over local BAH rates early to determine what you can afford for housing costs.

2. Aim for Safety and Security

A military installation has the ultimate security when it comes to living in a gated community, and while crime can happen anywhere, these communities are generally very safe. Aim to provide your family with a similar sense of protection by reviewing crime statistics for any community you are considering renting or purchasing within. You want to ensure your family will be safe.

3. Assess School Ratings

Many large installations also offer top-rated schools for the students of service members to attend. If your duty takes you outside this access, you want to ensure your child has access to an equally beneficial education program. Review the school ratings in the area you are relocating to, in order to determine the best areas to live. A relocation professional is a great help for this step.

4. Track Commute Times

Depending on the location of your assignment, the commute your partner experiences driving to work every day could be quite different from what they would experience if you lived on an installation. To keep your stress levels down, be mindful of how long it would take your partner to reach their job every day from any property you are considering. 

5. Access to Needs

You should also be mindful of just how easy it is to access some of the services you need. Again, military installations are like their own cities that have everything from healthcare services to grocery stores. If you have grown accustomed to this convenient access, you should look for a property that is located in an area that has everything you need, nearby.

Be certain that you keep all these factors in mind, and partner with a professional, as you plan your military move. For more information, contact a local military relocation service.