Recommendations To Get The Best Real Estate Photography Services

When you are planning to sell a home, whether it is yours personally or you are a real estate professional arranging the photography for a client's listing, you will want the photos and the photography for the home to best showcase the home in several different ways. Good real estate photography should help you to get a buyer to physically visit the home and make an offer to purchase.

The following provides you with details about arranging for an upcoming real estate photography shoot for your home listing.

Prepare Your Listing

Before you can complete the photography, you will want to get the home ready for it to look its best. If the home is not vacant, make sure the existing furnishings and decor are clean and uncluttered with neutral decor. You may need to rent a storage unit to store excess items and personal decor that can affect the way a buyer perceives the property. For example, take down family photos, personal clutter, and a Star Wars toy collection that might be set up in a bedroom.

If the home is vacant, it is helpful to furnish it with a staging service. A professional stager can provide furniture, decor, and furnishings to best showcase the home. Furniture in each room helps to show the room sizes and capacity for video and photo images.

Include Interior Photos

At a minimum, you should plan to arrange for photos of the interior and exterior of the home. You don't need an excessive amount of photos of each room at various angles and positions, but you do want to have enough photos of the home that a buyer can see the home's condition and features so they want to visit it personally. 

Open up all windows and turn on the lights to get full illumination in the photos. A professional photographer will have some great recommendations to capture the best images.

Look For a Video Tour

In addition to still photographs of the home, in today's virtual world it is helpful to have a video tour of the home. This will allow buyers who may not be able to visit the home personally and want to jump on a home more quickly the opportunity to make a well-informed purchase. A video tour of the home inside and out will provide 360-degree images of each room and interior space.

Provide Aerial Photos

Aerial photography is a new addition to real estate photography that will provide photos of the home and entire property and lot to provide more information for prospective buyers. You can get a good idea of a property, its size, boundaries, and nearby geography and buildings with an aerial video or still photos.