Moving In With Your Significant Other? Tips For The Transition

When you and your significant other are ready to make the move into your own place together, it's a complex process. You're merging your two lives together, and that takes a lot of effort. Before you start looking at rental listings, there are a few things you should consider. Here are some tips to help you simplify the entire process and potentially avoid some common cohabitation issues.

Make Sure You Both Like The Place

As you're exploring the rental listings, make a list of the things that you both want as well as anything you don't. It's important that you have a clear agreement in place about the things that you are and are not okay with. Remember that you're merging two personalities, two lifestyles, and two unique sets of needs. Talk through what you both want and find the areas you can compromise on. You'll want to consider things like the distance from both of your jobs, the type of neighborhood you live in, and even the amenities available in apartments or developments.

Have Everything Clearly Defined

From the bills to the household chores, it's important that everything is detailed any time you move in with someone else. When you're moving in with a significant other, it's even more important. If there's a specific household chore that one of you is really particular about, consider defining the housekeeping responsibilities. Not only does this ensure that everything gets done, it eliminates any potential disagreements over getting things done.

The same applies to the expenses. Since financial issues are one of the biggest for many relationships, taking time to clearly identify how much each of you will contribute to the household budget can prevent many arguments and issues.

Rent A Storage Unit

Another common struggle for couples moving in together is deciding what to do with all of your stuff. When you combine two separate homes, there is likely to be a lot of crossover. Instead of expecting either of you to just get rid of things you own or ending up with a cluttered house or apartment, rent a storage unit to keep all of the overflow in. That way, you can decide what to keep and what to get rid of in your own time instead of being pushed to something you might regret later.

When you approach your search with these tips in mind, moving in with your significant other will be less stressful. This can make the entire transition easier for both of you.