2 Tips For Staging Your Home's Large Garage Before Showing It

While trying to sell your home, you most likely have created a neat, welcoming atmosphere in your house. However, when making this effort, do not forget about the large garage that is one of your main selling points. Below are a couple of tips for staging your home's garage before showing it to potential buyers.

Declutter The Garage

If you are like some people, the garage may have become a catch-all for items you did not have a home for in your house. Over the years, these items may have become haphazard stacks and piles in your garage that you have been meaning to take care of for some time.

Before you show your garage, the time has come to finally take care of the clutter. Sort through the piles and throw away anything that is garbage, along with items you no longer need or even recognize.

Once the trash is taken out, remove as many items as you can and put them in storage. Even organized clutter can diminish the appearance of the garage and may make it look smaller.

Make The Concrete Floor Sparkle

After decluttering the space, turn your attention towards the floor. Are there multiple oil stains and a thick layer of dust on the concrete? If so, this dirt and grime can make a bad impression on a buyer.

Also, if you have oil stains, people may slip while looking through the garage. Making them fall and hurt themselves would not make a good impression while trying to sell your home.

Before you show the house, sweep the floor thoroughly to get rid of the dust and debris. Then, get to work on removing the oil and grease stains.

For an effective oil removal method, pour a can of dark cola on the stains. The phosphoric acid in the cola can eat through petroleum products.

After letting the cola sit for about an hour, through a layer of baking soda on top. Then, take a stiff brush to scrub the area thoroughly to remove the stain. Follow by using your garden hose's nozzle to pressure wash the residue and any remaining dirt on the floor.

The above tips are only a few ideas for staging your home's large car garage so that it makes a good impression on potential buyers. For more advice on preparing your garage and your home for a showing, speak with your real estate agent who can give you further guidance on ways showing large car garage homes.