How to Choose the Right House to Buy with a List of Non-Negotiables

Being ready to buy a house is exciting, but you might find that searching for the right home is not as easy as it may seem. There might be dozens of homes for sale in the area, and it might be impossible to find one that offers everything you want in a house. Because of this, you should create a list of non-negotiables, which are features of a house you must have.

If you cannot find a house with everything you want and need, you should aim to find one that offers the things that are not negotiable to you. Here are some of the things you might want to include on this list.

The price

Finding a home within your budgeted amount is vital. In fact, you should not even look at homes that are significantly above this amount. For example, if you want to spend no more than $160,000 on a home, you should limit your search to homes that are priced $165,000 or less. If you look at homes priced above this, you might get disappointed when you see what is available in the budget you have.

The size

The size of your home is also a vital non-negotiable. As you think of the size, you might want to include a square-footage amount, or you might want to state it in terms of the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Included in the size of the home you want, you should specify if having a basement is vital. You may also want to state the minimal requirements you want with garage space, and whether you want a ranch or two-story home.

The layout

When it comes to the layout of a house, you may really want a home that offers an open concept. This is important if you plan on entertaining a lot or if you have young kids. The layout of a house can also include details about the bedrooms and their location. Are you looking for a split-floor plan to give you privacy from the kids, or do you want all the bedrooms next to each other? These are a few important things to think about as you narrow down what you want in a home.

If you have created a list and are ready to begin house shopping, contact a real estate agent in your city to help you locate homes that meet your needs.