3 Reasons Your House Isn't Selling

There are many people who wonder what they can do to improve the chances of selling their house. There are some individuals who put their house on the market and within days they have interested buyers, and there are others who house sits on the market for months without people even coming to look. Here are some reasons that your house isn't selling.

1. You Priced It Too High

The price that you choose for the house plays an incredibly important role. You need to make sure that you don't go too low that you lose money, while also not making people think that the house is over priced. The concern is that you will rarely get what you asked for, unless you are in a highly competitive area. Usually people will offer lower than what you offered. So if you have to have at least $250,000 don't ask for $280,000 if the house isn't worth it. People will not even come and look if they think that they are going to have to pay $280,000. Instead, stay in the $250,000 range with only going slightly higher. If you are in a hurry to sell your house, it is not the time to get greedy.

2. Your House Is Cluttered

The showing is incredibly important to selling your house. Before you let anyone come into your house, you need to show how good it can look. Don't think that people will be able to "imagine" the house the way they want it. Buyers are very visual, so if the house has clutter in the closets, if there is too much furniture in the house, or if it just feels like there is no organization to the house, you will have a hard time selling it.

Have your agent or a decorator come in and choose what stays and what gets put into storage. You should err on the side of less stuff.

3. The Pictures Are Poor Quality

With the internet no body just calls for showings unless they have seen pictures. These pictures should be considered like online dating. The better the picture, the more buyers you will get. You should have a professional come in and take the pictures to get the right angles and right lighting. Otherwise the house will lose buyers without even getting one person in to look at it.

These are just a couple things that people do to hurt their chances of selling their house. Talk to a realtor in your area to learn more about how to successfully sell real estate.