Things Not Necessarily Included In A House That You Buy

As you look at a variety of real estate for sale, you should realize that there might be things in these homes or in the yards of the homes that might not actually come with the house. Before you assume that certain things come with a house, you should carefully read over the listing of the house and ask questions. Otherwise, you may end up confused and making assumptions that are not true. Here are some items that might not come with a home even though you might assume they do.

The appliances

While it is true that most homeowners leave their appliances when selling their homes, this is not always the case. Before you assume the appliances come with the house, read the listing. The listing will usually state whether they are included or not. If it does not state this, ask the agent to find out. It is also important to find out if the appliances you currently see in the house are the ones that will stay. There are times when people will leave appliances, but they will not leave their good ones. Instead, they will take the good ones and replace them with older units before moving out.

A swimming pool or hot tub

If you see a swimming pool, hot tub, or anything else similar to this in the backyard, you should not automatically assume that it comes with the house. An inground pool is a permanent fixture that cannot be taken with when a person moves, but an above-the-ground pool is not a permanent fixture. While the seller might plan to leave it, there is also a chance the seller plans to take it with him or her when moving. If the listing does not state the owner's intentions, ask your agent to find this out.

The window treatments

The other thing you should always ask about is the window treatments. Many sellers will leave these; however, there are times when sellers will take them with when moving, and you should ask about this if you are uncertain about the seller's intentions.

Before you make any assumptions about things like this, make sure you find out. If you do not find out and discover that the item did not come with the house after you bought the house, you could feel very disappointed or angry. Talk to your real estate agent to learn more about this and other parts of the home-buying process.