Not Every Plot Of Empty Land Makes A Good Ranch

If you want to open your own ranch, then you need to first find a big, empty plot of land to buy. This step is harder than it may initially seem, largely because not every empty plot of land is well suited for use as ranch land. It's important to shop smartly. Here's what you need to check for as you visit various plots of land for sale.

Is the land fertile enough to grow grass?

If you're going to have a ranch with cows, horses, and maybe some other animals grazing the land, there needs to be something or them to graze on! If the land is currently covered in grass, then you can be pretty confident it's fertile enough to keep growing grass. But if the land is currently covered in some shrubbery and brush, and your plan is to clear it and turn it into grazing land, then you should have the soil tested before doing so. Let the soil testing company know your goal is to grow grass on that land; they'll tell you if the soil nutrient contents can support this growth.

Is the land mostly well-drained?

It's okay to have ranch land with a few ponds and low spots. In fact, you may want to have some ponds on the land so animals can use them as a natural water source. What you don't want, though, is 50 acres of unusable swamp land. If possible, visit the land after a storm or wet period to make sure most of it is well-drained and dry.

Is the land far away from any sources of pollution or contamination?

Pollutants can make their way into the soil, poisoning your animals and leading to poor health. You don't want to buy land next to a factory or a busy commercial area unless you're able to have the soil tested and confirm it's free from worrisome contaminants. 

Is the land surrounded by other ranches or farmland?

The ideal ranch land is surrounded by other ranches, or at least by farms of some type. Otherwise, the neighbors might be bothered by the smell of animal manure and the like. You don't want to deal with lawsuits and complaints from neighbors as you work to establish your ranch.

Don't just buy the first big plot of land you see and turn it into a ranch. Take your time to find the right land; it will be worth it. For more information about ranch properties for sale, reach out to a local real estate agent.