Why You Should Get A Beach Timeshare

Timeshares are a great way for families to travel at least once a year, set money aside each month to do so, and create memories in the same spot. Although you can get a timeshare just about anywhere, one of the best places to get one is on the beach, but why?  They Hold Their Value One of the best things to know about timeshares is that if you ever get into a financial pickle, you can sell them. [Read More]

Top Considerations For Single Parents Who Are Buying Their First Home

When you are a single parent who is looking to buy a home for your family, you are sure to be faced with a lot of exciting possibilities that are unique to your situation. While you have the burden of being solely responsible for paying the mortgage each month, you also have the freedom to choose the house you want and decorate it however you want! Consider these top considerations you should weigh when you are buying your first home as a single parent. [Read More]

Beyond Extra Bedrooms: Features To Look For In A Home For A Large Family

Families come in all shapes and sizes! If your family is on the larger side, then you certainly need to take this into account when you're shopping for a home. First of all, you'll need to look for a house with plenty of bedrooms. But that's not the only feature you should be looking for. Here are some other features and amenities you will find beneficial in a large-family home. [Read More]

The Ninja Guide To Buying A House

You can't wake up one day and suddenly decide to buy a house. Well, you could, but it wouldn't be wise. There are steps that you need to take to make the home buying experience run more smoothly and efficiently. Like anything in life, preparation is key. Hack Away at Debt A key step to preparing is reducing your debt as much as possible. Pay down revolving debt as much as possible and pay off any installment loans that you feel would hurt your chances of mortgage approval. [Read More]