3 Reasons To Request A Land Survey

While land surveys may seem like outdated things of the past, these surveys can be very beneficial when it comes to learning about your property. If you want to become more familiar with your property, or you are thinking of purchasing a piece of property in the near future, ordering a land survey is a must.

Here are 3 of the top reasons why you should request a land survey:

1. Land surveys provide a legal history of your property.

The way your property appears now may not always be the way it looked. Prior to the building of your home it is possible that your property was used as a temporary road, or provided your neighbor with access to an old roadway.

A land survey can provide information about any legal stipulations that apply to your land, including easements or right-of-way agreements that may have been made in the past. Knowing about these legal restrictions will ensure that you can either clear these restrictions from your land's title, or avoid taking any action that could result in a legal dispute.

2. Land surveys allow you to ensure any improvements are in accordance with local ordinances.

At the time a land survey is completed, the surveyor will ensure that any building improvements that exist on your property comply with your local ordinances. If any ordinances have been violated (like missing hand rails or deck flashing), a land survey will tell you exactly what needs to be fixed in order to avoid financial penalties in the future.

Having access to a land survey that certifies your improvements can help you rest assured knowing that you are not violating your town's building ordinances.

3. Land surveys can help you landscape safely.

If you are thinking about altering the landscape of your property, it is essential that you take the time to request a land survey first. A land survey will identify the location of any natural gas, electric, or water lines that run underneath your property.

Since digging can disrupt these lines, knowing where they are before you begin a major landscaping project is a must. This knowledge will allow you to mark any major utility lines that are located on your property so that you can avoid damaging them while you dig,

Having access to a current land survey is beneficial for a property owner. These documents allow you to determine any legal restrictions you are required to honor, ensure that your buildings meet local ordinance requirements, and identify utility lines that run across your property. To learn more, contact a company like Wesley B Witt, Inc. with any questions or concerns.