Tight Parking Spots? 5 Space-Saving Features Of An Enclosed Motorcycle Trailer

Motorcycle rallies, events, and fairs can feature thousands of bikers at a single location. This means that parking will be tight and your space will likely be limited as you park and stay for a few days. Instead of struggling to access your motorcycle, you can purchase an enclosed trailer with a number of space-saving options. As you browse through enclosed motorcycle trailer sales, there are five features to look for that will help save space and make it easier to manage large motorcycle events.

Side-Door Entry

Motorcycle trailers often feature a large backdoor ramp used to take out motorcycles and access the whole trailer. If you're in a tight parking spot, it may take a lot of maneuvering just to access the inside of your trailer. This is where a side-door entry comes in handy. For the times where you just want to hang out in the trailer or grab something real quick, you can quickly enter through the side door.

These doors can lock, feature windows, and come in a variety of finishes to match the trailer design that you choose.

Spare Tire Floor Storage

Motorcycle accessories can quickly take up the majority of space in an enclosed trailer. Instead of sacrificing your needs for extra space, you can look for a trailer with floor storage. Small storage boxes installed on the floor contain enough space to hold a space tire for your motorcycle. Trailers can contain one or two of these boxes depending on the size of the trailer.

The storage compartment can also be used to store a spare tire for the trailer itself. Consult with a sales dealer to find out about having a spare for the trailer. It can go a long way, especially in emergency situations.

Recessed Lighting

Skylights help add a lot of natural light to a trailer, but at night, you will want full lighting to see equipment, gear, or just hang out. The ideal space-saving lights for your trailer are recessed lights. These lights are built into the ceiling so that they do not invade on the head space in your trailer. This allows you to walk freely through the trailer without having to worry about hitting your head on hanging lights.

The recessed lights can be complemented with strips of LED lighting on the sides or floor of the trailer. Just like the recessed lighting, LED lighting can take up minimal space in the trailer.

Rollover Sleeping Sofas

Instead of paying for a hotel room or pitching a tent, many bikers use the motorcycle trailer as a place to sleep when traveling to events. Cots or air mattresses can be bulky and take up valuable space in a trailer. The best option is to purchase a trailer with rollover sleeping sofas. When these sleeping areas are not in use, they fold flat up against the wall and take up minimal space.

When you want to relax or sleep, the sofas can be folded down to their full size position. They are often positioned to be elevated in the air, so the motorcycle can remain in the trailer while you use the sofa bed.

Ceiling Cabinets

Anything that takes up walking space in a trailer can become cumbersome. Ceiling cabinets are installed high inside of a trailer and feature a lot of space to hold items. Locking doors prevent items from spilling out while the trailer is in motion. Cabinets can be installed on the back wall of the trailer to keep the main bay as open as possible.

Use the cabinets to hold motorcycle supplies, food, or safety supplies like a first-aid kit. This allows you to pack as much as you can for all types of motorcycle events.

Trailer dealers can often build and customize the designs to your needs. With a few simple requests, you can create the ideal space-saving trailer for your travels.