3 Moving Tips For Athletic Families & Children

It's amazing to see how much stuff builds up when you're living in a sports-oriented family. From uniforms to accessories and sports memorabilia, planning a family move can be overwhelming even when just considering the sports items on their own. Instead of just shoving things into boxes, it's important to plan out the move, stay organized, and ensure that all of your sports gear is delivered in one piece. By using the following three tips, you can help the move go smoothly and be prepared for all aspects of your sporting life.

Sporting Equipment

Aside from furniture, some of the biggest things that you will have to move out of your home are the pieces of sports equipment. By working with moving companies, you can plan out what pieces of equipment to move, how to break them down, and how to get them set up in areas of your new home.

  • Exercise Equipment: Treadmills, exercise bikes, or other pieces of equipment like punching bags are hard to move. These bulky items can be lifted and transported out of the home with a help of a moving crew. A full service crew can move them from their current location all the way to the moving truck so you do not have to lift them or accidentally damage the items.
  • Driveway Sports Equipment: Small soccer goals, basketball hoops, and skateboarding accessories are just a few of the items that you will have to move. For something like a permanent hoop installation on a garage roof, you may be better off leaving the hoop and then purchasing a new one for the new home.
  • Backyard Sports Equipment: As children get older, they will often outgrow a number of sports equipment pieces like swing sets or trampolines. If your children have outgrown these items, then you can either leave them set up in the backyard or donate them through free services. If you want to keep them, a moving crew can help you disassemble the items, pack them, and deliver them to the new home. This home-to-home service can help save you a lot of time and hassle, while giving your children quick access to the items at the new home.

Sports Balls & Accessories

When cleaning out the house, garage, and equipment sheds, many athletic families will realize how many sports balls there are in the home. As you try to organize footballs, soccer balls, tennis balls, and random items like hockey pucks, one of the best items to use is a netted laundry bag. These bags are flexible and offer space to store a lot of balls in. The bags often close with a drawstring, so it can be securely closed and prevent the items from falling out and just rolling around. You can also look for cargo nets that install in the trunk or rear of a vehicle. These nets can hold a number of large balls and keep them secure until you've arrived at the new home.

Storage Units

Sports often rotate by season and you may not need all of your equipment or gear when transitioning into a new home. Instead of creating a lot of clutter right away, you can rent out a storage unit to hold items until the sports season begins. For example, if you're moving during cold months, a storage unit is great for storing a basketball hoop or baseball equipment. Moving companies can deliver items right to the unit and often pack it in for you. When you are all settled into the new house, you can retrieve the items from the unit and get them when they are needed.

Making a list of all your family sports equipment is a great way to stay organized. It's also good to provide moving companies with this list so they can prepare for moving bulky items.

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