Renting A Home Out? Make Cleanup Easy Between Tenants Using These Tips And Tricks

Being a landlord comes with a variety of benefits to take advantage of, such as the opportunity to claim several write-offs at the end of every tax season. But with the advantages come the burden of keeping your property in great shape and minimizing the amount of time the home sits empty between tenants. Here are three things you can do to make cleanup easy when tenants move out so you can quickly get new renters moved in:

Invest in Regular Carpet Cleanings

If your rental home has carpeting in it, schedule a couple of professional cleanings each year while tenants are living there to ensure that it doesn't end up so damaged that it needs to be replaced once they move out. Regular professional carpet cleanings will get rid of stains, decrease dust, and pollen buildup, as well as get rid of any pet dander that's left behind by cats or dogs. Not only will this process save you money on maintenance and replacements as time goes on, but it will minimize your workload when it comes time to clean up and prep for new tenants. For more information, contact a company like Spotless Carpet Cleaners & Janitorial Services Inc.

Require Yearly Personal Inspections

Requiring yearly personal inspections is an effective way to ensure that your tenants are taking good care of your rental home, so it doesn't require lots of work once they move out. Include your inspection requirements in your lease so there is no confusion when you want to schedule an inspection. Print a list of items you intend to inspect and bring it with you so nothing important is overlooked. Add the following items to your inspection list:

  • Windows, doors, and their frames.

  • Drywall in the house, basement, garage, and attic.

  • Kitchen appliances.

  • Electrical outlets and fuse panel.

  • Interior and exterior faucets.

  • Exposed piping.

  • The roof and gutters.

Provide your tenants with a list of things to be inspected upon move-in, along with a price point for each item so they know what they'll be charged if repairs or replacements need to be made that are caused by negligence.

Provide a Dumpster Rental at Move-out Time

You'll find that by providing a dumpster rental for tenants to use during the week leading up to their move-out date, there won't be a lot of junk left behind for you to handle. Have the dumpster dropped off a for a few days during moving time so your renters can get rid of trash, unwanted furniture, and other items that are allowed in the dumpster. Have the dumpster picked up a few days after the move, so you have time to go in and get rid of anything left behind that you don't want to keep. This should make the cleanup process easy so you can get new renters in the home quickly.

Incorporating these methods and techniques into your rental management plan should help to keep your property occupied and optimize your profit margins as time goes on.