Tips For Looking For Real Estate When You're Planning To Downsize

Most people tend to try to move up in the world when it comes to real estate for sale. They buy a small starter home, then they buy a bigger one when they can afford to do so. Minimalism is becoming more popular each year, though, and people are often seeking to de-clutter their lives in order to de-stress. If you have decided that downsizing is the way you want to go, consider these tips when you are house hunting.

Make a List of the Benefits of Choosing a Smaller Home

When you make the decision that downsizing is important to you, you may have daydreams of living life like Ma and Pa in "Little House on the Prairie." That charming slice of Americana is more suitable for fiction, though, and you should consider what real-life benefits a small home can provide. Some ways that smaller homes may benefit you include:

  • They can help your family feel cozier and closer.
  • They can be easier to sell because they're more affordable.
  • They're easier to clean and cheaper to maintain.
  • They are less expensive, so they can be paid off easier.
  • They can have less of an environmental impact.

No matter what your reasons are, be clear on them and write those reasons down in a notebook that you take with you to home showings. That way, if you start to second-guess yourself, you have an instant reminder of why smaller homes appeal to you.

Consider the Luxuries You Want to Keep

When you are downsizing, you are probably going to get rid of some of the luxuries you enjoyed in a bigger home, but you don't have to rough it. Make sure to prioritize the luxuries that are most important to you, and you can find a way to still indulge in them in a smaller home. Be clear on which must-have features are most important to you.

Set Realistic Expectations Before Going to Open Houses

When you are used to living in a larger home, going to open houses for much smaller ones can be jarring at first. However, it's important to prepare yourself for what you are likely to find when you go to open houses for smaller homes. Yes, you may expect the rooms to be smaller, but you may find that the yards, patios, gardens, and even bathrooms are smaller, too.

Finally, keep in mind that the kind of home you want is a very personal decision. Make sure that you carefully consider whether you truly want to downsize before searching for a smaller home. You may speak to your real estate agent about what your overall goals are when moving into a new home, and that can help the realtor find the perfect home to suit your needs.