Want to Own Several Dogs? Keep Certain Qualities in Mind When Purchasing a Home

Finding a cat-friendly household is easy because you just need to make sure they have enough space to roam around the house and then you can meet their other needs with a litter box and furniture. But if you love dogs and know that you are going to own several of them sometime after buying a home, you should consider a more demanding list to make daily life more enjoyable for you and your dogs.

Low-Maintenance Floors

The flooring in your future home can play a huge role in your compatibility with owning dogs. For instance, light-colored carpet is a type of floor that you may want to avoid because it can get dirty so easily. There are exceptions to this, such as when you have plans to restrict access to certain rooms. This makes it okay to have in extra bedrooms or even your master bedroom if you plan on keeping it free of dogs. Some great flooring options include concrete or tile as they are so easy to maintain. While carpet will hold dog hair, these superior choices will not harbor hair and only require a quick vacuuming to pick it all up.


It is helpful to think far in advance when you go looking for a home. After a decade or so, your dog will be considered a senior, and they may begin to have issues with getting around. So, you may want to look for single-story homes that prevent your dogs from ever having to climb up sets of stairs. Down the line, it is possible for senior dogs to be stuck to the bottom floor because they can't climb up without pain. It is also worth inspecting the backyard as you want to keep your dog from having to use stairs outside.

Enclosed Yard

Another factor related to the yard is making sure it is enclosed to maximize the safety of your dogs. Unless your dogs are exceptionally well-trained, certain distractions can lead them to leaving the yard. It is best when the backyard is fully fenced in to keep your dogs from being able to escape. An even better setup is when the fence is tall enough to stop medium and large breeds from getting over with a jump.

Owning multiple dogs is a huge responsibility, but you can make it easier on yourself when you consider them a priority while coming up with a list of what you really want and need in a home.