3 Things To Look For When Buying A New Home For You And Your Pet

If you're the owner of a cat or dog, you can't imagine your life without them. So, as you're searching for a new home, make sure you're looking for a place that your pet will also enjoy. Here are just some of the things you want to look for on your search.


Look at the layout of the space to ensure it makes sense for your pet and, most importantly, that's it's not creating a safety hazard for the animal. In terms of layout, once your furniture is in the home, will there still be ample space for your cat or dog to navigate around the home easily?

If you're wondering whether the home will be enough for you alone, it's safe to assume that having enough room for your pet too is out of the question. Look for a layout that allows the animal to move about freely.

Neighborhood Traffic

It's also wise to look around the neighborhood and see what level of traffic is in the area. It doesn't matter whether you have a cat or dog or whether or not the pet spends the majority of their time in the home — staying away from a high-traffic area is always ideal.

Pets can run out the door when you open it, and they can even get a little rowdy when you're walking them outside. If you're in an area with heavy traffic, this type of atmosphere will only put your animal at risk. Try to look for a home that is not on a main road.

Pet Population

Take a few moments to investigate the pet population in the neighborhood. This step is especially important when it comes to the houses that will neighbor you on each side. Sure, neighbors move and they can even buy a new pet at any time, but looking at the type of animal they currently have will let you know if the home will be a good fit for your pet.

For instance, if you have a small toy dog and one of the neighbors has a large, aggressive dog that is barking incessantly as you tour the space, this can be a risky environment for your dog, so you may want to think twice.

When touring homes on your list, don't just think about your needs. Also take the time to think about the needs of your pet to ensure it's a match for the both of you.