Your Fruit And Vegetable Bar May Become The Cream Of The Crop After Moving Into A Building In A Busier Part Of Town

If you leased a small building to operate a fruit and vegetable bar from in your hometown last year  and it has been fairly successful over the past few months, leading you to decide upon purchasing a building in a busier part of town so that you can expand your clientele and earn more money, consider the tips below to help you transition to a new facility.

Request Assistance From A Realtor

Meet with a real estate agent, such as from Davis Driver Group  RE/MAX PLATINUM LIVING, to discuss the type of building that you are looking for and the amount of money that you are willing to invest. Inquire about programs for new business owners that may assist with paying the closing costs on a building that you purchase or reduce your mortgage payments each month. Provide the agent with details about the number of employees who work for you, the amount of equipment that you own, and the size of the dining area in the current location and any changes that you intend to make in a different building. 

Consider The Location 

After a real estate agent provides you with listings of commercial property that is for sale, take your time learning about the location of each establishment to help you choose a building that will help your business stand out.

For instance, if your fruit and vegetable bar currently offers smoothies and mixed fruit and vegetable drinks, as well as sliced fruits and vegetables, you likely wouldn't want to buy a building that is located next to another business that sells slushies or frozen yogurt drinks because your product line may have a hard time competing against similar items that are already offered in the area. A building that is located next to popular venues that offer services or goods that are vastly different than the items that you sell will be your best bet. 

Advertise The Grand Opening

After purchasing a new building, advertising will help alert the public to your fruit and vegetable bar's grand opening. After moving equipment, food, and beverage items into the new establishment, adorn the outside of the building with colorful streamers and a large sign that provides information about when the business will be opening. Choose a mascot for your business, such as a vegetable or food character.

Make or purchase a costume of the mascot and have one of your employees stand in front of the fruit and vegetable bar while wearing the costume. The employee can wave at people passing by or hand out samples of the products that you are offering to encourage people to stop by.