Three Things To Know About Putting Your Home On The Market After Your Kids Leave Your House

If you have become empty nesters recently, you may have realized that there is a lot of space in your home that is not being used. If you have decided that you no longer want to live in a home that has so much space going unused on a daily basis, consider putting your home on the market. The following guide walks you through a few things to discuss with your real estate agent to ensure that the sale goes as smoothly and quickly as it possibly can.

Determine If You Want to Stay in the Home or Move Out of It

The first thing you need to determine is if you want to stay in the home or if you want to move out of it. If you plan to stay in the home, the real estate agent will need to be sure to have other agents schedule times when they show the house so that you can have advance notice to properly prepare for the house showing. If are not going to be living in the house, it will always be show ready and the agents will be able to simply contact the agent to say that they are popping in to take a look at the home. Having a home that is readily available will make it more appealing to many real estate agents because they can squeeze in a showing whenever it is convenient for them.

Determine If the Home Is Too Cluttered to Show

Have the real estate agent walk around your home with you. If you still have furniture in the house, he or she may be able to let you know if the furniture makes the space looks cluttered or if everything looks spacious and open. Over the years you more than likely collected a lot of belongings and paring them down before putting your house up for sale may help you to have less to move after it sells and make the house look bigger altogether.

Determine What Stays with the Home

Before the house is put on the market, you need to determine what items stay with the house and which you will be taking with you when you leave. Determine if the refrigerator, stove, washer, and dryer come with the house or if the new homeowners will need to supply their own. Many home buyers assume the appliances come with the house, but specifying in the listing will ensure everyone knows what they are getting when they buy the house.

It is important to meet with the real estate agent as soon as you can if you want your home to sell quickly. Selling it quickly will allow you to start over in a smaller home that suits your tiny family perfectly.