Oil And Water: Understanding Your Options When You Don't Get Along With A Real Estate Agent

All people are different creatures. Some get along very well with everyone, some get along with only a few people, and some do not get along with anyone else. It is not uncommon, therefore, to hire a real estate agent and then decide that you and the agent are like oil and water; you do not mix. Before you feel a sense of panic in regards to your professional relationship with this first agent, you should be made aware of what your options are. 

You Can Request a Different Agent

When the agent you hire works for a real estate agency, there are several agents working out of the same office. This means that you can hire any one of those agents you want, and you can trade one agent (i.e., the one you have) for any other agent in the office. If you feel that you and the agent you're currently working with don't have a good working relationship, talk to the owner of the agency and request a different agent. You can do that. 

Your Fees Are Transferred to the New Agent

The first agent only receives pay for work already completed. Any additional fees you have paid to secure help from a real estate agent is forwarded to the new agent for the work he/she will do for you. This includes fees for selling your house, listing fees, and/or fees for finding and selling a new home to you. There is no conflict of interest or any awkward situations where the original agent is present and involved with the business of the new/second agent now working for you. 

Firing Your Agent/Agency for Another

Of course, you could also fire the agent and the agency he/she works for. This is less common, but some people may decide that they like the fees and rates with another real estate agency over the one they are currently engaging. You will have to pay the first agency/agent up to a point, but there should be no money due to them after you cancel your contract to hire a new agent/agency. A lot of this trouble can be avoided if you do a little research before choosing an agency and an agent to hire. Then you can confidently sell or buy a home knowing that you are working with someone you find most agreeable and with whom you can have a pleasant working relationship.