Four Features You Can Only Find In New Homes

There are many advantages that come with purchasing a new home. Not only do you get to be the first to live in a brand-new house, but you also get to enjoy a home that uses the latest construction techniques and offers features that homebuyers ten or fifteen years ago could only dream of. Whether you are working with a contractor to build the home of your dreams or buying a new home from a developer, these four features are vital if you want a truly modern home.

Full Technology Integration

Technology is everywhere and modern homes are designed to fully take advantage of it. When purchasing a new home, there are a variety of technological features you should be on the lookout for. Garage doors, thermostats, and even appliances can now be smartphone-controlled, and many new homes come with smart hardware already in place to help you tie all of these features together. Although it is a bit more basic, be sure to also be on the lookout for in-wall network cabling so you can easily plug your wired devices into the home network.

Engineered Energy Efficiency

There's more to energy efficiency than just good windows and well-sealed doors. Modern homes should undergo a full energy audit during their construction. This allows the contractors working on the home to locate energy efficiency problems when they are easiest to deal with and to size HVAC equipment properly and for efficient operation. When looking at a new house, don't be afraid to ask for an energy audit to be sure that your home is clean and green.

Modern Kitchen Design

Kitchens have seen more rapid changes than perhaps any other type of room. Modern kitchen design isn't just about looking good, it's about creating a functional and convenient space that you will enjoy spending time in. This means an emphasis on providing enough counter space, focusing on flow from one area to another, and modern touches such as large drawers instead of much less convenient cabinets. Combined with smart kitchen appliances, the modern kitchens found in new homes can make cooking a joy like never before.


Flexibility is one of the most prominent trends in new home design. Flexibly designed houses are built to allow you to make use of rooms as you see fit. This design philosophy makes it easier to turn a room into a storage room, or a nursery, or a home office depending on your needs. Instead of being overwhelmed with extra bedrooms or inconveniently located storage rooms, you will have a variety of flexible spaces that can fulfill whatever your needs happen to be at the moment.