Ants In The Fall: Did You Find Ants Hiding Under Your Carpets?

It's not uncommon to see an ant or two crawling outside your home during the fall, especially if the weather is warm and comfortable. But if you see ants marching along your floorboards or crawling under your carpets, it's time to look into ant control services. If you act quickly, you can eliminate and find the ants hiding under your carpets before they take over your home.

Why Do You Have Ants Under Your Carpets?

Some types of ants can venture inside houses during the fall and winter seasons, including odorous house ants and small honey ants. The pests generally seek shelter in homes that are warm and comfortable enough to nest and feed. 

Ants can enter your house from just about anywhere. The pests can enter your living space through the voids in your walls, or they can trek through the voids beneath your floors. Ants can create small, satellite colonies in these areas over time. The small colonies allow the pests easier access to your kitchen and pantry.

If you lift up your flooring, you might be able to see the ants more clearly. You may also be able to find the places that allow the insects into your home. If you can't see where the ants are entering your home, contact pest control.

How Do You Address the Pests Living Under Your Carpets?

Pest control can help you determine where and why you have ants under your flooring. Pest control contractors may check the floor voids in your house for ant colonies. If your floor voids do have ants living inside them, pest control will provide treatment.

Contractors may implement other ant control measures in your home. These measures may include placing ant control treatments in your wall voids, crawl space, and plumbing system. Ants can colonize in these places if the pests find enough food and water to consume. In order for the treatment to be more effective, you may need to fill in your wall voids or fix your plumbing system some time in the future. 

If it becomes necessary, pest control may treat your outdoor garden, lawn, and plants for ants. Ants can establish large, underground colonies in these places as well. The pests may enter your house later to escape the cold weather. 

Don't allow ants to take over your carpets and home this fall. Find the ant and pest control help you need by contacting a contractor in your area today.