Beyond Extra Bedrooms: Features To Look For In A Home For A Large Family

Families come in all shapes and sizes! If your family is on the larger side, then you certainly need to take this into account when you're shopping for a home. First of all, you'll need to look for a house with plenty of bedrooms. But that's not the only feature you should be looking for. Here are some other features and amenities you will find beneficial in a large-family home.

A big island in the kitchen.

When you have several little ones, keeping an eye on everyone while you are preparing dinner or breakfast can be tough. It will be a lot easier if you have a kitchen with an island where you can sit some of the kids down while you're cooking. They can eat, watch and help you cook, or even study, all under your watchful eye.

A large laundry room.

When you have a family for three or four, you can manage to do laundry in a nook. But with a big family, laundry piles up fast, and a tiny laundry area won't have the space necessary for all your baskets! You need a large laundry room so you can keep everything organized and so that you don't have to let all those dirty or unfolded clothes pile up in a hallway. A house that has a washer and a dryer in the basement can work well, too, since you'll then have virtually the entire basement for doing laundry.

Several tubs.

Don't just check for bathrooms. Make sure the home has more than one bathtub. This way, if one clogs or can't be used for a while, which definitely happens sometimes when you have kids, the little ones will still have a place to take a bath. This can also be really helpful if you have family members with kids who come to visit.

Closed stairways.

Open floor plans with big, open, exposed staircases are trendy right now, but they're not really a safe choice when you have a big family with a lot of kids. With so many little ones, it's tough to keep them all right in your line of sight at all times, and you would not want anyone to tumble down the stairs. With a closed stairway, you can at least shut the doors to the stairway when you're not right there with your little kids.

Keep the features above in mind as you look for single-family homes for sale, and have a good time house hunting!