Save Time On Cleaning by Prioritizing Certain Qualities When Buying a Home

While you may enjoy inviting guests over and cooking food for your family, you may not like all the cleaning that comes afterward. When you are interested in buying a home, you will not be able to avoid the need to clean up your home, but you can make it easier in several ways.

Going into the house-hunting process while knowing what to prioritize regarding features will help you shop efficiently and purchase a home that keeps cleaning to a minimum.

Square Footage

An essential detail to look at is the square footage because getting a large home is going to come with more cleaning responsibilities compared to a medium-sized one. Even if two homes have the same number of features, you will have more floor and wall space that must be cleaned.

Instead of trying to buy a large property, you should try to figure out how much space your family needs and then using that as a metric to help you with shopping for a home. This will keep you from looking at oversized houses that will only give you more cleaning than you want to handle.

Property Size

While looking at the size of the house is essential, you do not want to forget about the property's size in general because you may not want an enormous property. For instance, getting several acres worth of land will require you to maintain it all with cleaning and landscaping. Although getting native plants can reduce overall upkeep, you may prefer to buy a smaller property.

Another way to avoid excessive maintenance is by looking for landscapes with a lot of dirt, sand, grass, or mulch as these things are much easier to maintain than flowers, shrubs, and trees. The great thing about avoiding large properties is that it will save you money on the house price since an increase in size almost always leads to an increase in price.


Although the square footage of your home will make a difference, you should check out the interior features since they will play a role in your cleaning responsibilities. Buying a home with a glossy finish on the walls, granite countertops, and hardwood flooring is worth considering.

These features are known for being hard to make dirty as well as easy to clean up, which makes them well worth demanding when you want to minimize time spent cleaning. For more information, contact real estate agents with single-family homes for sale.