5 Features You'll Find in Disability Access Apartments

If you rely on a mobility device like a wheelchair to get around, your search for an apartment can look a bit different than what it looks like for the average person. You need a place to live that can accommodate you and your mobility challenges and the equipment you rely on. Thankfully, disability access apartments or accessible apartments are available in most places in the country. Here are a few things you can expect to see in these apartments.

1. Wider Doorways at the Entrance and Throughout the Apartment 

Wider doorways allow you to get through whether you are in a wheelchair, use a walker, or rely on crutches or a cane. Standard doorways do not always offer enough width to allow you to move through freely without bumping into the door frame, and some doorways are so narrow they will not allow you room to get through at all. In an accessible apartment, all doorways will be wider, including doors in the interior of the apartment.  

2. Lower Counters With Recessed Lower Cabinetry 

Lower countertops are not always present, but they can be in a lot of accessible apartments. to make things even better, these lower counters may be supported by recessed lower cabinetry so a wheelchair can be scooted beneath the countertop as you prepare food. 

3. Electrical Outlets, Light Switches, and Other Control Features Closer to the Floor 

If you do rely on a wheelchair, the standard height of things like electric outlets and light switches can pose problems. In an accessible apartment, outlets, light switches, and other control features like the thermostat will be situated a bit closer to the floor so they can be reached even if you are still seated. 

4. Assistance or Safety Bars in the Bathroom 

Moving around in the bathroom can be risky for those with mobility issues. Therefore, grab bars or safety bars are an important implement to have in a disabled access apartment. You will likely find assistance bars on the wall beside the toilet, in the shower, and on the outside of the shower or bath. 

5. An Accessible Route From the Parking Lot to the Apartment 

Getting to the apartment from the parking lot will be substantially easier at an accessible apartment. You will likely find the apartment located on the ground floor or via an elevator that is accessed within the building. You will also see things like ramps instead of stairs leading into the building.