Location Is Everything: Where You Want to Lease Retail Commercial Real Estate

When looking for retail commercial real estate, location is always important. Use this guide to help you choose the best location for your retail business. It's wise to get a real estate agent who specializes in commercial real estate, particularly retail, to help you get the most out of your experience and pick the right property for your needs.

1. Choose an easily accessible location

When looking for retail commercial real estate, think of your customers and where they mostly go when they go into town to shop. You want to be located in an area that is easy to get to and won't cause a customer to have to drive all the way across town to find you, Choose retail commercial real estate for lease that is near major roadways and off a busy street so you are easy to find.

2. Choose a location near neutral businesses

When leasing retail commercial real estate, you want to make sure your business is not located next to competitors but is located close to neutral businesses. Neutral businesses are those that many people frequent on the regular, such as dental clinics, doctor offices, grocery stores, and popular restaurants. You will not only be able to attract your normal customers when they are out and about running errands or visiting other establishments, but you'll also get to potentially draw in new customers that pass your establishment by on their way to others.

3. Choose a location with ample parking

The last thing you want when choosing retail commercial real estate is a lack of parking for customers, which can vary regularly depending on the season, date, or when you have sales. You need property that has ample street and parking lot parking so you can meet the needs of not just your employees, but your customers as well. Sometimes you can rent a neighboring parking lot or share a larger space with another business, but it's best to choose retail commercial real estate that readily has the parking spaces you need.

Your real estate agent can help you pick the commercial real estate that will best serve you and help your business thrive. Be prepared to sign a longer lease so you can get a better lease rate and have more options to choose from. Your real estate agent can help you understand lease contracts more easily if you are confused when choosing a property to lease.