Five Reasons To Choose A Fully-Furnished Rental

Did you know that you could rent a house or apartment that's already fully furnished when you move in? Depending on the specific details of your move, it may be your best choice. Here are five reasons to rent a place that is fully furnished:

1. Buying furniture is expensive

When you buy all new furniture for a house or apartment, you'll likely spend thousands of dollars. Even if you buy used or discounted furniture, the price adds up very quickly. There are simply too many different items that you need to buy to furnish a home.

Here's are some examples of common furniture pieces that you would need to buy to furnish a home:

  • Couches 

  • Beds

  • Dressers

  • A kitchen table

  • Chairs

2. Renting furniture is expensive

Buying furniture is expensive, but at least you will own it all. Renting furniture is known as being one of the biggest financial mistakes you can make. Most companies that offer furniture rentals rely on unfair prices and interest rates to make up for when people stop making their payments and don't return their furniture.

Rather than dishing out extra money to pay for other people's mistakes, you can instead choose to rent a place that already has all the furniture you need. While it's true that furnished units cost a little more than unfurnished ones, the extra costs won't be nearly as much as if you rented furniture from an external source.

3. No need to move in heavy items

A huge benefit to renting a place that is fully furnished is that you won't need to lug heavy furniture pieces into your new home. When you get there, it will be like somebody already did the hard work for you. Seeing as lifting heavy items can lead to injuries, it's a great advantage.

4. You may not be good at interior design

Furnished rentals are typically designed by professionals. They choose furniture that not only fits perfectly in the house or apartment, but that looks great also. They will implement design elements that an inexperienced person would never consider. This results in a beautifully-designed place.

5. It may be a temporary living situation

If you're moving into a new place, but you plan on eventually moving back to your original home, it makes a lot of sense to choose a fully-furnished rental. Whether you're going away to college, working a temporary contract job, or just relocating temporarily, it would be wasteful to buy all new furniture when you still have everything back at home.

If you're interested in a furnished rental, look for a fully furnished rental directory