Getting A Home Loan As A Young Adult With No Credit

Are you a young adult who wants to purchase your first house? Although buying a house at a young age is a good idea because you can begin building up equity, there are things you should know. If you want a loan to purchase the house, your credit plays a role in whether or not you will be able to get approved for one. Being that you are just starting out as an adult, it is possible that you don't have a sufficient credit history for loan companies to rely on. [Read More]

3 Reasons Your House Isn't Selling

There are many people who wonder what they can do to improve the chances of selling their house. There are some individuals who put their house on the market and within days they have interested buyers, and there are others who house sits on the market for months without people even coming to look. Here are some reasons that your house isn't selling. 1. You Priced It Too High The price that you choose for the house plays an incredibly important role. [Read More]

Want The Perfect First-Time Home Buying Experience? Make These Simple Preparations Before Looking At Homes For Sale

When thinking about buying a home, many virgin home buyers begin the process by making the rounds of various forums, chat rooms, and websites where they may find disgruntled home buyers relating terrible experiences they have had when buying a home. Common topics for these sites include lengthy delays in closing, difficulties in negotiating with a seller, or even canceled transactions and lost earnest money deposits.When all the details become known, however, it often becomes clear that many of the problems could have been lessened or even avoided if these buyers had chosen to make the following three preparations before beginning to look at homes for sale. [Read More]

Factors That Affect Your Office Space Leasing Costs

So, your startup is finally picking up, and you feel it's time to rent office space. Before you sign on the dotted line, stop and read this. Commercial leasing is significantly different from residential renting. You need to be clear on what you are signing for if you don't want overhead to eat into your profit margin. Location High population areas cost more. Check the type of clientele and employees you are after. [Read More]