Benefits of Selling an Empty Home Without Staging It

In some house-selling scenarios, you'll have already bought your new home before your old home has sold. This often means that you'll have emptied your old home of its furniture and decorations in advance of your move, leaving the residence looking empty. One school of thought is to hire a home stager to stage the empty home to make it look livable, but this isn't the only way to proceed. There are a number of benefits of selling your home while it's empty. Here are some that are worth considering.

It Shows You're Not Hiding Anything

An empty home can send a clear message to prospective buyers that you aren't trying to hide anything. Some unscrupulous sellers will often use furniture and decorations to disguise issues with the home. For example, someone may hang a large piece of art over a stain on the wall from water damage, or push a couch up against the wall to hide broken baseboards. When you sell an empty home, interested buyers get the chance to thoroughly inspect the condition of the residence without furniture and decorations getting in the way. Many buyers will appreciate this high degree of transparency.

The Space Can Look Larger

Empty rooms often have one thing in common — they look vast. This can be highly desirable when you're attempting to sell. Instead of a room looking cramped and small because it's filled with furniture and other items, buyers will truly be able to get an accurate impression of the size of each room while empty. For example, if you have a small bedroom with a king-sized bed, there may be just a foot of space on each side of the bed. This makes the room feel extremely small, which could discourage a buyer even if he or she doesn't have a king-sized bed. When the room is empty, it will appear larger.

You May Be Ableto Sell With a Short Closing Date

A home that is fully furnished means that the owner won't be able to move in short order, as it can take days or weeks to pack everything in advance of a move. If a buyer is in a hurry to find a home, he or she may be extra interested in your house because it's empty. This shows that you're not living there, which means that a buyer may wish to suggest a short closing date and move in quickly.