Avoid These Mistakes When Shooting a Video Walkthrough of Your Home

In advance of putting your house on the market, shooting a video walkthrough of your home can give prospective buyers an authentic sense of the residence's interior. While top-quality photos are also helpful, a video walkthrough can make viewers easily imagine being inside your home, and they can then schedule a showing based on what they see. It's important, given the value of the video walkthrough, that your finished product is easy to follow and enjoyable to watch. You'll get more beneficial impact from the video if you make sure to avoid these mistakes.

Filming in Low-Light Rooms

Video walkthroughs should always be properly lit. This doesn't necessarily mean that you need to rent professional lighting equipment, but it does mean that you should ensure that you're making the recording when it's bright. Using natural light is best, so consider shooting your video during the daytime. Try to time your recording, though, so that the light isn't streaming into your home; rays through a sliding glass door, for example, could compromise the video quality and give you a poor end result. In spaces that natural light doesn't reach very well, such as rooms without windows and the basement, make sure that all the lights are turned on.

Failing to Have Your Home Ready for the Shoot

Just as you should prepare your home to have it photographed, you should take a similar approach before filming your video walkthrough. Each room should be tidy, and your rooms should be tastefully decorated. Remember, cluttered rooms can look smaller than they actually are, and that could dissuade people from wanting to visit your home. Family members and pets shouldn't be present either. It's a good idea to complete your recording after you've had your home photographed, as the video walkthrough will be comparable to the images that prospective buyers will be viewing online.

Including Unprofessional Elements

Shooting your video walkthrough on your own isn't an excuse to have it be unprofessional. You should make sure that even if the walkthrough looks a little homemade, it doesn't contain any unprofessional elements. This means that you should choose your words wisely; don't talk too much as you move around your home, as this can be annoying. Instead, simply provide any relevant details. Turn your phone off before you begin recording and turn down any objects that create distracting background noise, such as a window air conditioner or the radio.

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