Ways For A Real Estate Broker To Stand Out From The Crowd

When you work as a real estate broker, you're likely facing lots of competition in the local market. This can mean that you'll rely heavily upon word of mouth to get new clients, but it should also make you take an aggressive approach to ensuring that your services stand out from those around you. Instead of relying on gimmicks that may have an initial appeal but little lasting power, it's better to think about how you wish to offer your services to your clients. Here are some different methods that you can use to stand out from your competition.

Include Partner Services For Free

Many real estate brokers can recommend related services to their clients, but the clients are responsible for paying for these services. You can often stand out from the pack by offering one or more of these partner services for free for your clients. This means that if you're a buyer agent, consider paying for the home inspection instead of passing this expense onto your client. Or, if you're a listing agent, consider paying for a home stager to give the residence a visual upgrade before it goes on the market. Clients are always interested in saving money, and many will gravitate toward you upon learning of these services that you'll cover.

Fine-Tune Your Focus

Instead of trying to be everything to everyone, it can often be a good strategy to fine-tune your focus to concentrate on a very specific area of real estate. While you might feel that this change could limit your desirability to some clients, the reality is that if you work hard and succeed, you can become a go-to person in a specific area. For example, you may wish to focus on luxury listings or buying and selling condos. Or, you may wish to market yourself as being the city's best broker to guide first-time buyers through the process.

Provide Added Value

Clients want to feel that their real estate broker provides them with value beyond the basic services of real estate. To this end, think of the different ways that you can provide added value for your clients and prospective clients. You might wish to make a series of informative online videos that people can view to familiarize themselves with the real estate process, for example. People commonly "like" and share the videos that resonate with them, and you may find that people begin to spread your content around to help deepen your client base.