How To Make Sure Your Real Estate Agent Knows Just What You Want

Your realtor is the person you are going to be counting on to help find you the home that you plan on spending many years in. It may be the home you plan on raising a family in, the home you plan on retiring in, or both. You want to know they are working with information that will prove to be important when it comes to spotting the right home to present you with. Consider all of the tips suggested here when it comes to explaining what you want to a local realtor:

Let them know about everyone in the household

You want to let the real estate know about each member of the immediate household, such as their ages and major interests. This helps them to spot houses that will cater to the whole family. For example, if you have teenagers and the real estate agent finds a home that happens to have a fantastic game room already built into the basement then they will think of you immediately and let you know about it. Or, if you have little ones and they see a house come on the market that has a fenced in play area and a tree house then you will come to mind.

Explain an example of your perfect home to them

Instead of simply telling your real estate agent you would like a home with X number of bedrooms and bathrooms, you want to get into more detail. Explain what you envision when you imagine your perfect house. For example, tell them on the weekends you would like to have your closest friends come over for backyard barbecues and you can imagine the kids all running around and playing. Let them know you also like to spend a lot of time in the family room playing board games with the kids and watching TV. This will tell them that a house with a built in barbecue, a fenced in sandbox, a large living room and a built in entertainment center that just came on the market may be a fantastic choice for you, so they should call you with the information immediately.

Let them know where you are flexible and where you aren't

If you are fine with just about any size yard, then let them know this. However, if there is a reason you must have a yard of a certain size, then let them know upfront that it is non-negotiable. If you want a certain number of bedrooms, but you are fine with them counting bedrooms that are add-ons then let them know this. These are important details they want to know.