5 Ways To Stage Your Home For Optimal Selling Speed

When you out your house on the list of homes for sale, you may not have time to wait around for somebody to notice your listing. When you work with a real estate agent, you may be receiving excellent service in terms of marketing. Did you know that there are also other things you can do to make your house optimal for quick selling? These tips will help your home stand out during an open house or viewing.

1. Don't discount the power of curb appeal.

When some people consider going to an open house, they often drive by the home to see if they are happy with the exterior of the home. A few key factors could turn them away immediately, including dirty windows and an overgrown lawn. You may want to consider planting fresh greenery and even power washing the walkways and porch as well.

2. Use the dining room to create a homey atmosphere.

Chances are that your real estate agent has advised you to keep the house homey and cozy but not necessarily personalized to your taste. This means that you might want to address the dining room table by playing it up. A centerpiece and some placemats can bring a new sense of home to a room you might ordinarily overlook.

3. Make your closets appear as large as possible.

Closet space is a deal breaker for some people, so make sure you play up how expansive your closet space is. Take any extra boxes and shelving to the garage or basement for safekeeping, and expect people to take a peek.

4. Be careful about signs of pets.

Some individuals may be wary of purchasing a home that clearly has pet odors inside. Cat and dog smells can be pungent without the owner even realizing it at times. Make sure that you ask an unbiased source that does not live in the home to come in an sniff around a bit before you have people viewing the home.

5. Allow your home to mimic the current season.

Decorations can really make your home feel lived in without incorporating personal elements. Your porch, entryway, and dining room are the perfect places to introduce seasonal elements. The backyard and front yard are also great places to consider playing up.

With these tips, you can reach an audience that might otherwise walk out of the home without a second thought of buying. Armed with this advice, you may find yourself ready to accept an offer more quickly than you think.