What's A Luxury Apartment? And How To Find The Perfect One

Embarking on the hunt for a new apartment is an exciting adventure. When you look to the classified ads or online to start your search, many options pop up. This can get overwhelming at times. What sets a traditional apartment apart from a luxury model? It's important to know the differences so you can get the best luxury apartment for your money. A qualified realtor will guide you through the process.  

Talk With a Real Estate Pro

Because there are often a lot of rentals and house listings on the market at a time, it can be hard to decipher and narrow down some good ones. If you're busy or simply tired of all the fluff advertising, contact a local real estate professional. They have a wealth of information and tools at their disposal. Their main goal is to meet with you and go over everything you are looking for in a luxury apartment. They will also give you a general idea of how much money you will need to move in and other tips on getting pre-qualified and eligible for the lease. 

They are also on your side when it comes to negotiation. If something needs a little work or lacks the amenities that you need, they can talk with the property owner and work on adding these provisions to the lease before you sign. 

Beyond Basic Amenities

When looking for a luxury space, amenities are king! That is what sets this type of apartment apart from an average apartment. A luxury rental may include:

  • Premium property space, including exceptional water views or cityscapes. 
  • Large square footage units.
  • Garages and added storage.
  • Private patio and outdoor kitchen units. 
  • Luxurious landscaping. 
  • High-end appliances. 
  • Premium flooring options. 
  • Fitness centers. 
  • Updated bathroom with spa-like amenities. 

Amenities range from simple to extravagant, depending on the design flow of the entire property. Some units can even be custom-designed depending on the client's needs and budget. 

Property Perks

In addition to a beautifully designed apartment, the overall property is also something that adds to its luxury appeal. Top-end apartments are often at the center of a popular space in a town or city. It could be near a large shopping hub, park, or overlooking a private river. Oceanfront apartment rentals are often deemed luxury models simply because of their view. 

Some luxury units offer beefed-up security to give tenants more peace of mind. This may include secure units within a fenced and gated community. Extra security measures include keyless entry and alarm systems throughout. 

Tennis courts, swimming pools, inclusive spas, and bars are also property amenities that are all-inclusive to tenants renting out specific units. 

Luxury apartments include more indulgent extras not often included with traditional rentals. The goal is to attract tenants who want to live in a luxurious space with everything right at their fingertips. Contact a realtor today to find out more about luxury apartments.