3 Reasons To Request A Land Survey

While land surveys may seem like outdated things of the past, these surveys can be very beneficial when it comes to learning about your property. If you want to become more familiar with your property, or you are thinking of purchasing a piece of property in the near future, ordering a land survey is a must. Here are 3 of the top reasons why you should request a land survey: [Read More]

Tips For Having An Open House To Help You Sell Your Home

Trying to sell a home can be frustrating, especially if there are very few showings. You need showings to sell the home, and having an open house could potentially help you to build interest and set you apart from other homes for sale. If you have a real estate agent handling the sale of your house, he or she could help you orchestrate an open house. Here are three things you must do to have an effective open house. [Read More]